User Privacy

This text may change over time. Your use of the website of Mazmaz Industrial Group means reading and accepting the announced items.
- Mazmaz ensures that it does not disclose any confidential information to third parties.
- At the request of judicial authorities, Mazmaz can provide the wrong user information to these authorities.
- Mazmaz can collect information from the activity of its users on the Mazmaz website, which can be used to improve the user experience and also to fight against spam.
- Mazmaz also uses the services of third parties to provide its service; Users of the Mazmaz website express their consent to the transfer and storage of their information in the service owned by third parties.
- If the content belongs to other websites that are not hosted by Mazmaz, we will not have control over the information that may be sent to these websites from the viewing of the mentioned content.
- Mazmaz may use cookies to recognize user information to enhance the user experience and better access to the Mazmaz website.
- Mazmaz performs conventional measures to ensure the security of users' information; However, because the security of information on the Internet is not fully guaranteed, the user is obliged to take the usual measures to protect his information in Mazmaz.